Water Damage

Water Damage Repair Services

Being residents of Washington D. C. you know that possible flooding is a concern of many residents during the heavy rainfalls and storms. However, flooding is not the only cause of water damage to your home, other sources of water damage include:


  • Broken water mains
  • Breaches in storm drain protocol
  • Leaking roofs, basements or crawl spaces
  • Broken water pipes
  • Busted or plugged toilets, sinks or tubes
  • Leaky radiators
  • Cracked or broken appliance hoses

The key to mitigating or reducing the amount of damage an unforeseen water emergency has in your home is to deal with the emergency as quickly and effectively as humanly possible, which is why Washington D.C. Rug Cleaning water damage repair technicians will answer your call 24 hours a day 7 days a week to help you deal with any water damage to your home.

Having a professional water damage repair technician and the right equipment available in an emergency can help to limit the amount of water damage your home saving you or your insurance company hundreds if not thousands of dollars in repair costs.


Water Damage Repair Services we Provide

We provide our customers with a complete range of water damage repair services. These services include:

  • Temporary Emergency Repairs – The first thing our water damage repair technician will do is to make sure that the entry point for which water is entering your home is temporarily repaired to prevent any more water from entering your home.
  • Water Extraction – Once the flow of water entering your home is stemmed, our technician will immediately hook up our commercial water extractors to remove any and all standing water from your home. We also use dehumidifies and powerful fans to rid your home of any remaining moisture in an effort to prevent further water damage, once the standing water is removed.
  • Clean up – Even seemly small amounts of water can seep into flooring, walls, cabinetry, furniture and carpeting providing ideal conditions for the growth of bacteria, mold and mildew that over time can effect your family’s health. As part of our water damage repair services we will clean that carpeting and upholstery, sanitize the affected areas and treat it for mold and mildew.
  • Permanent Repairs – Once the immediate water emergency is over, our technician will examine your home for remaining water damage, discuss with you what needs to be done to repair the damage, and undertake whatever repairs need to be done. This may include removing and replacing installation, repairing warped walls or floors, and repairing that leaky roof.


While it may be impossible to predict or prevent water damage from occurring in your home, having the professional help you need when you need it will help limit the amount of damage your home suffers and will result in getting your home restored to its pre-water emergency condition much faster.

If you have water damage or in the process of dealing with a water emergency and want professional help just give us a call at 202-524-1780 and we will be happy to be of service to you in your time of need.