Washington D.C. Rug Cleaning Welcomes You

Residents of Washington D.C. are proud to be living in our nations capital and take pride in their houses and apartments and spent a good deal of their hard earned money to decorate and maintain their Washington D.C. homes. Many of you who have homes with wood, marble or tile floors choose to protect those beautiful floors and add to homes d├ęcor with the addition of area rugs some of which are extremely expensive and so you want to keep those rugs looking as good as the rest of your home for many years to come, which is where our company Washington D.C. Rug cleaning can be of service to you. As a fully licensed and insured cleaning company that specializes in cleaning those area rugs, we provide our customers with top notch and convenient rug cleaning services saving you time, effort and money.


We Serve You at Your Convenience

One of the things that Makes Washington D.C. Rug Cleaning better than many other cleaning companies around is that we make it our mission to provide our customers with rug cleaning that is convenient for them. We know that you live a busy life and so unlike many other cleaning companies that operate between the hours of 9 to 5, we keep extended business hours from 8 to 8 to make using our services more convenient for our customers who keep those office hours and need cleaning services that are available after 5 p.m. We also provide our customers with same day service so that you can take advantage of those unexpected last minute breaks in your schedule. Last of all, we offer our clients free pickup and delivery where you have your area rugs cleaned so you won’t be tied to your house while the cleaning is taking place, and go about business as usual.

In addition to our rug cleaning services we also offer carpet and upholstery cleaning as well as water damage repair.


Fully Trained Cleaning Technicians

All of our rug cleaning technicians are fully trained and experienced. When we hire someone new to work for our company we don’t send them out on the job until we know for sure they can handle our equipment and know everything possible about removing dirt, stains and odors. We believe our customers deserve the very best and that means you deserve to have a cleaning technician that knows what he is doing.

State of the Art Equipment and Products

Of course our cleaning technicians are only as good as the equipment and products they are given to use which is why we use only well maintained and care for state of the art cleaning equipment. Our steam cleaners are some the newest and most effective steam cleaners on the market. In addition, we use only powerful and gentle organic cleaners that are better for the environment and your families health than traditional chemical cleaners.

Why Not Opt In For A Free Consultation

Another thing that sets us apart from other cleaning services is that we offer all of our customers a free consultation. Inviting strangers, even those providing a service into your home, is never easy or comfortable, so in order to make it more comfortable for you when hiring our cleaning services we came up with the idea of offering you a free consultation. This way you get to learn a little about us, our cleaning services and methods, our state of the art equipment and products before you commit to using our services. Our free consultation also gives you the opportunity to describe your specific needs, ask any questions, and get a free estimate all before deciding whether or not our services are right for you.

So why not give us a call at 202-524-1780 and schedule a free consultation today? Or to learn more about the services we offer why not browse our website and talk to our online representative? We will be happy to hear from you.